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Legal Services

Municipal Liability

A former Assistant City Attorney, Sandra Shoupe-Gorga has represented, in private practice, many cities in the greater Phoenix area. In her capacity as Assistant City Attorney, she:

  • managed litigation,

  • represented the City’s interest in numerous successful board hearings, and

  • acted as consultant to various City departments.

She now applies that expertise in serving as an independent legal consultant to cities for personnel appeal and public safety retirement boards.

In addition to legal consulting, Ms. Shoupe-Gorga has managed litigation of all types for city governments, including successfully defending § 1983 Civil Rights cases for governmental entities. In 2005, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the granting of a summary judgment motion filed by Ms. Shoupe-Gorga on behalf of an Arizona city.

Employment Law

Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Shoupe-Gorga was a corporate human resources manager. That background has proved to be invaluable to her and her clients in assisting small to large companies with their employment matters. She has:

  • developed corporate training programs for managers regarding relevant employment issues,

  • prepared position statements to respond to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and

  • managed employment discrimination cases.

Tort Litigation

One of the constants over 17 years has been her work with insurance companies representing their policyholders in a variety of tort claims. Her insurance defense and tort experience includes matters involving:

  • premises liability,

  • negligence cases,

  • accidents,

  • contracts, and

  • title company professional liability.

Sports Law

Experienced in managing the legal affairs of PGA/Nationwide Tour players, Ms. Shoupe-Gorga offers a unique method of managing the business of these athletes in comparison to using traditional sports “agents.”

The emphasis of this practice is to give the player the ability to concentrate on his/her game and not on the legal and business issues pertaining to sponsorship and endorsements.

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